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In the beginning there were local singles dating sites which proved quite popular for a while, and then came the phenomenon of meeting just about everyone and anyone on the World Wide Web. Once online dating passed the 'geek' or 'sad & desperate' phase, we began to see the niche dating evolve, quickly followed by the niche within a niche dating sites.

American singles dating sites are still going strong but are not enjoying the success they once did (more of that later!). One might even wonder why it is that there are so many lonely hearts in the U.S. of A. seeing as it’s the land of plenty of everything. Hmm! Maybe American singles are no longer looking for other American singles? The reason there's a question mark after American singles is that the world can now literally meet the rest of the world online and no one is restricted by geographical location, creed, colour, or name. What a lot of American m…
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